Families of Wealth

These families often have implemented extensive planning and are surrounded by top advisors. However, the planning and the financial tools purchased to implement the planning are often done piecemeal, potentially leaving costly gaps and overlaps. Our financial modeling, our Wealth Integration Process™, and our in-depth life insurance analysis can provide clarity and peace of mind for these otherwise complex issues.

Family Offices

Family Offices increasingly look to outsource providers for specialized expertise in specific areas. Our planning and/or life insurance portfolio audit processes go far beyond the technique du jour, or mere products and carriers. We focus on strategic planning, ownership, and funding structures, all of which often have unique nuances for ultra- affluent families.

Professional Advisors

Many advisors value our coordination of the client and their legal, accounting, and insurance planning teams, both initially and on an ongoing basis, to create a more holistic, cohesive plan. In addition, they rely on our specialized expertise for life insurance due diligence audits. It is our goal to work with the client's existing trusted advisors, but in a more coordinated fashion to maximize the realization of the client's objectives.