Wealth Integration Process™

The Wealth Integration Process™ is a proven system we developed and refined to help achieve your goals. It encompasses four phases: Discovery, Analysis, Implementation and Maintenance.


The goal of Discovery is to develop your Unique Wealth Philosophy™. We gather factual information and explore the personal goals and values of the family. Discovery takes into account: What really matters? Are there specific family objectives? Where do you stand?


Clarity is the key to determining where you stand – and making the best possible decisions. We provide clear, visual illustrations, integrating financial circumstances and planning. Strategies are then introduced and illustrated to address challenges and capitalize on untapped opportunities. The analysis provides specific, quantified recommendations for the family.


Based upon your feedback, we prioritize the steps needed to achieve your goals. We then coordinate with other professional advisors to structure and implement the Wealth Integration Plan.


Life is full of changes – which is why our Wealth Integration Plans are dynamic and flexible. Our process helps keep the plan current by scheduling reviews to chart performance, address new issues and opportunities, and coordinate appropriate plan updates. This can ensure that established goals are achieved and future goals are recognized.

Our Wealth Integration Process establishes a successful Wealth Integration Plan. Our team works closely with you and other advisors to devise, implement and maintain the plan as challenges and opportunities arise.