Wealth Integration Solution™

Wellspring Associates has developed a finely-tuned system, the Wealth Integration Solution™, to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Leveraging a network of highly trained specialists, our process helps you clearly define your Wealth Philosophy – what you truly want to achieve.

We help you accomplish your goals by exploring the many aspects of your success. The objective is to set and achieve your goals by eliminating confusion and contradictions. We then offer clear solutions that apply specifically to you – Clarity for Complex Issues™.

Your Wealth Integration Solution is coordinated with the professional advisor team. This important role facilitates communication, coordination and implementation with the advisor team. Costly gaps and overlaps are likely when trusted advisors are not well-integrated. The result is unnecessary taxes and unrealized objectives.

Integration of the advisor team promotes efficiency and strategic thinking. Many advisors introduce their clients to us to take advantage of our Wealth Integration Solution. This allows them to better serve their clients, often finding additional opportunities to achieve client goals.

The Wealth Integration Solution is a strategic balance of intricate components that are coordinated to achieve personal, family and family office goals such as wealth transfer, business succession and philanthropic planning. This includes:

Where do you really stand? Are your goals clearly defined? Is the planning to achieve your goals fully implemented, well-coordinated and being thoughtfully maintained? The perils of a less than fully integrated plan can be significant in terms of family harmony, taxation and lost opportunities.

Traditional planning can be confusing and time consuming. In contrast, our Wealth Integration Solutions define the issues and provide efficient, common sense strategies that are clear and concise – Clarity for Complex Issues.