Estate and Business Planning Audit

Estate and Business Planning Audit diagramFamilies and family offices have worked diligently to craft estate and business plans. After all, the goals are important: family unity, values, and legacy and the continued success of the business.

Even with the best advisors, it is likely that planning implemented over time is not appropriately coordinated for current circumstances. Uncoordinated planning, structures and strategies often conflict with – or are in direct opposition to – the family’s goals.

Since 1981, Wellspring Associates has provided Clarity for Complex Issues™ through in-house data assimilation, financial modeling, and a visual-oriented analysis created by a multidisciplinary team.

Only when the diverse characteristics of your estate and business planning are well organized – and clearly illustrated – is it possible to determine if each component is fully integrated. Wealth Integration is required to truly achieve the family’s distinctive goals and identify impactful opportunities.