Our History

Our firm was founded in 1981 when a planning attorney and accountant realized they had suggested prudent but independent plans for a mutual client.

Working independently was not unusual; however, the two advisors recognized that by working together they could provide more effective and comprehensive counsel. They also understood that coordinated collaboration with the advisor team was best for their affluent clients. Importantly, optimal results could also be more quickly and efficiently achieved.

The two advisors decided to work exclusively with business-owning families of significant wealth to help them more clearly articulate their goals. They helped construct, implement and maintain comprehensive plans over the ensuing years and decades, coordinating with key advisors.

Today, Wellspring Associates has sculpted the founding vision into a proven system. The Wealth Integration Process™ helps affluent multi-generational families, family offices and their advisors define their Unique Wealth Philosophy™.

We initiate and facilitate on-going communication between key advisors to avoid gaps and overlaps that would otherwise occur. By doing so, families benefit from a fully-vetted Wealth Integration Plan that can be updated over time as family and business dynamics evolve.