Families of Wealth

We work with affluent, multi-generational families, family offices and their advisors to fully integrate wealth transfer, business succession and philanthropic planning. Our Wealth Integration Solution™ helps you clarify your goals, clearly defining what matters as you identify and define your family legacy.

Our Wealth Integration Process™ is a proven system we developed and refined to help achieve your goals. It encompasses four phases: Discovery, Analysis, Implementation and Maintenance.

Our comprehensive Life Insurance Planning Audit and Estate and Business Planning Audit help provide Clarity for Complex Issues™ through detailed review and analysis. We work with you to ensure your planning, structures and strategies advance your family’s goals.

Life Insurance Planning Audits evaluate cost, investment performance and suitability for a given purpose. Licensed Life Insurance Counselors specialize in policy audits, portfolio construction, ownership structure, policy acquisition and maintenance. Whether existing or newly acquired, we fully coordinate your life insurance with the Wealth Integration Plan. Importantly, our system helps you mitigate fiduciary liability. Life Insurance and Planning Audits are a necessity for trustees, corporate officers and family office executives desiring to mitigate liability related to their responsibilities. Annual statements simply do not reveal unknown problems that may be looming in the future. It is important to assess tax exclusion leverage, funding options and strategies to reduce estate taxes using life insurance.

Estate and Business Planning Audits provide Clarity for Complex Issues through in-house data assimilation, financial modeling, and a visual-oriented analysis created by a multidisciplinary team. Families and family offices have worked diligently to craft estate and business plans to achieve their unique goals: family unity, values and legacy and the continued success of the business. Only when the diverse characteristics of your estate and business planning are well organized – and clearly illustrated – is it possible to determine if each component is fully united. Wealth Integration is required to truly achieve the family’s distinctive goals and identify impactful opportunities.