Estate and Business Planning Audit

Wellspring Associates recognizes that most families and family offices have worked diligently to craft estate and business plans to support their distinct family unity, values, and legacy. Even with the most renowned advisors, planning implemented over time is likely not appropriately coordinated for current circumstances. Uncoordinated planning, structures and strategies often conflict with – or are in direct opposition to – the family’s goals.

A well-organized, clearly illustrated wealth integration approach to estate and business planning is essential to truly achieving goals and impactful opportunities. Our estate and business planning audit provides Clarity for Complex Issues™ through in-house data assimilation, financial modeling, and a visual-oriented analysis that uncovers gaps, overlaps, and conflicts. This sophisticated level of coordination ensures that all planning, structures, and strategies are in synchrony.

Wellspring Associates serves families of significant wealth across the United States, with offices in Atlanta and Dallas.

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