Wealth Integration Process

The Wealth Integration Process is a system developed and refined by Wellspring Associates. Our team works closely with you and other advisors to devise, implement, and maintain a plan that addresses challenges and opportunities through four phases:

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By gathering factual information and exploring a family’s personal goals and values, we help you uncover your overall wealth philosophy, which considers questions such as “What really matters?,” “Are there specific family objectives?,” and “Where do you stand?”    

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We provide detailed financial modeling that clearly illustrates your financial circumstances and overall plan to clarify your current situation. Integrated strategies are then introduced to address challenges and identify untapped opportunities with specific, quantifiable recommendations.

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Based on an open dialogue and client feedback, next steps are prioritized and coordinated with appropriate professional advisors.

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Life is a continuum of changes. That’s why our wealth integration plans are built to adapt to any situation. Our process incorporates regular reviews to chart performance, address new issues and opportunities, and coordinate updates to achieve goals.

Wellspring Associates serves families of significant wealth across the United States, with offices in Atlanta and Dallas.